Ah yes. Observing that nature. Fall. Leaves. MREs.

Ah yes. Observing that nature. Fall. Leaves. MREs.






balotelli just tweeted this (x)

Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade but here’s some of the backlash he got:


Why can’t we have nice things like Man Utd throwing away a 2-goal lead without racism

#obvs not a reflection on man utd fanbase as a fanbase #more like a reflection upon humanity in general fucking up

this is really disgraceful

Early morning, but the gorgeous New England sunrises make it more bearable.

Early morning, but the gorgeous New England sunrises make it more bearable.


i have spent almost my whole life hating myself so dont u dare tell me im Too Confident now


I told you once
that I would stay
if you asked me
to. I still have not
gotten used to the
sound of the silence.

Feeling like crap on so many levels, physical and emotional, and just not handling it well tonight. Time for bed so I can wake up at 5 to go train some cadets in the rain for 2 days. If it ain’t rainin’ you ain’t trainin’ as they say…

Really, really missing our early morning routines right now. Snuggling up under a pile of blankets, in bed early because one of us has to be up at some ungodly hour the next morning. Holding each other and whispering ‘I love you’,’I’m so lucky to have you’, ‘Always’. Kissing sleepily, foreheads, cheeks, lips, shoulders.  Listening to the autumn wind and the coyotes howl outside the window until we fall asleep.

Waking up to the alarm and pressing ‘snooze’, just once. Okay, maybe twice. Finally slipping out of bed and trying not to wake him as I dress in the dark, brush my teeth, shock the sleep from my system with cold water. Finding him barefoot and shirtless in the kitchen, breakfast on the table. Eating together in silence, fingers intertwined. Kissing good-bye for the day the first time, and then again after he runs inside to grab the travel mug of coffee he made for me, sweet and full of milk, exactly the way I like it. Driving away and knowing that he’ll be there on the other side.

And tomorrow I’ll wake up. I’ll shut my alarm off and be out of bed, dressed, teeth brush, awake all on my own. I’ll make myself breakfast, but leave my first coffee of the morning to the coffee shop down the street. And then I’ll drive away knowing that all I’ve got to look forward to afterwards is a hot shower and an empty bed.


clint dempsey’s rap career is so important